AG Landscapes & Gardens

Crafting & maintaining beautiful open spaces

At AG Landscapes & Gardens, we believe that Autumn & Winter can be just as busy as the summer months. It's the perfect time to prepare the garden for the year ahead, ensure it's well protected from the cold and damp and that it retains all the goodness it's soaked up during the warmer season. 

Here's a little checklist of some jobs that are brilliantly suited to the colder season: 

- In cold, brighter spells, lay paving or paths

- Construct & repaire any wooden structures

- Clear away any dead climbing material from any structures around the garden
- Prepare lawns and sites for Spring turfing (from January onwards)

- Keeping drains and guttering clear of leaves to prevent blockages and drainage overflow

- General garden clearance

- Insulate the greenhouse to prevent any water or frost damage

- Dig over the soil to keep it oxegenated and fertile

- Prune shrubs

- Plant natual food for local wildlife such as yew, holly, hawthorn or blackthorn

- Replenish the log pile for hibernating wildlife or build a hedgehog home

- Keep the lawns tended and rake away any fallen leaves

- Maintain irrigation - plants that are well rooted will be more likely to successfully survive the winter